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What's Included In The Package?
  • Enrolment Smart Site: Fully built and & 100% customised for your school - including all professional copyrighting
  • Video & Photo Production: Stand out & be professional with 40+ hand crafted videos and professional photography to capture the true essence of your school 
  • Animations: Eye-catching video animations to capture the imagination (and attention) of prospective parents and children
  • Automation: Sell your school on auto-pilot (free your office staff up)
  • Communicate better than you ever have before. Prepare to WOW your community
  • Zero Impact on your current school website (and/or website contract) - it sits 100% independently of your existing setup and is not designed to compete with any current arrangements
  • Integration & Support: You'll be online 24/7/365
  • Save Time & Boost Enrolments: All at the same time. We have changed the game: forever!
  • 100% Risk free Trial / no contracts 
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Principals Are Talking:
  •  "It's impossible for a school to say 'NO' to this Richard - I don't know how you did it"
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  •  "Unbelievable Concept - why aren't you charging more?
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  •  "That was the most exciting presentation I have seen in 10 years in my job" 
  •  "What you have just said makes perfect sense and there is nothing else for me to say but YES - our school is in"
  •  We are a small school - but don't worry about the price - we can't afford not to do this
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Why Work With Richard & His Team at Digital Schools?
  •   I own one of the most prolific film & photo studios in the country (I am experienced with online marketing and content creation)
  •  I am a former primary school teacher (I understand education)
  •  I have built 5 successful companies in the last 6 years (all online)
  •  I run national campaigns for clients as big as the AFL on lead generation, digital strategy, branding & messaging (we obviously know what we are doing!)
  •  Our system works - the AFL for example had a 600% increase in prospects to sell to within one month of my system going live
  •  A better enrolment process means more stability for your school funding
  •  We have a growing team of 20 media professionals delivering real results today 
  •  Whether we like it or not, parents shop around now and will travel to get to their preferred school - don't let neighbouring schools get the advantage 
  •  It's 2017! It's time to get smart with your online strategy or run a serious risk of falling behind!
That's right - we will build the whole system and get it online and if you are not 100% happy - you have NO obligation to us. We won't charge you a cent - and we will never lock you into a contract either!
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